Raw Cacao, Raspberry & Nettle Extract Iron-Rich Drinking Chocolate Refill


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As part of the BB Pad Experience, you can also purchase a jar of Aunt Flo: raw cacao, nettle and raspberry leaf extract drinking chocolate made by Forage Botanicals. This plastic-free jar of goodness is high in iron so is unbelievably nurturing, soothing and boosting when you’re not feeling your finest and suffering from period fatigue.

This drinking chocolate contains absolutely no sweeteners or dairy so you’re free to sweeten it exactly how you want and serve it with whatever sort of milk you fancy. We’d recommend a rich oat milk and sweetening with muscovado sugar.

Natasha, founder of Forage Botanicals, is a medical herbalist who is extremely passionate about women’s empowerment.

After having suffered for years with severe period pain and having only been offered pain killers by doctors, she went on a journey to find out what really would work for her body.

She is currently studying a masters in Design History at Oxford University where she is researching how the design of the contraceptive pill affects our perception of what a ‘normal’ menstrual cycle is and the implications that has on the female sex.