BB Pads is on a mission to play a part in revolutionising periods.


We’re all about:


♥ Eliminating plastic waste ♥

♥ Transparent, quality, sustainable design and manufacturing ♥

♥ Feeding into a transition towards a circular economy ♥

♥ Fair and ethical textile and garment production ♥

♥ Helping to tackle period poverty ♥

♥ Breaking down stigma and taboos surrounding menstruation ♥

♥ Advocating for women’s and human rights ♥

Every menstruator’s needs and cycles vary quite a bit, but based on an average of 38 years of menstruation, 13 cycles per year, people with periods will use somewhere around 11,000-16,000 disposable pads, pantyliners or tampons over their lifetime.

That’s half the human population using that many disposable, plastic-infused products. The average single-use, disposable, conventional period pad contains up to 90% plastic and all of these products largely end up getting flushed down the toilet or sent to the landfill and many unfortunately wash into the ocean.

Plastics can take 500 years or more to breakdown; and when they do, they break down into microplastics (particles that are smaller than 5mm) which contaminate soil, air and water supplies and accumulate in food systems.