Flower Moon AIRA Aromatherapy Rollerball Blend (Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender & Rose)


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Often feel a bit out of sorts physically or psychologically during your period? Why not try AIRA’s bespoke PMS aromatherapy blend, “Flower Moon” made with organic Clary Sage, Lavender and Geranium in this little rollerball bottle? Perfect for slipping into your purse or pocket.

Clary Sage is believed to act on the pituitary gland and helps to balance hormone fluctuations that often come with premenstrual tension. It also is thought to aid in decreasing cortisol levels (the “stress” hormone). It is deeply soothing and calming yet uplifting. If you find yourself feeling tired, stressed or irritable on or around your period, this essential oil may just be bloody brilliant for you.

Tones of Lavender in this essential oil blend also help you to relax, whilst Geranium can act as an analgesic and Rose helps to boost mood and can have an aphrodisiac effect. Calendula, Safflower and Jojoba oils are soothing and moisturising.

Emily Muffet, the founder of AIRA Therapy says:

“My love for nature and the power of plants began as a child, growing up in Sussex. Our garden was filled with aromatic herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Seasons were brought to life by flowering camellias, jasmine and scented roses. Though I didn’t know it then, it inspired my passion for aromatherapy and influences what I grow in my small garden at home today in South-East London. For all AIRA Therapy bespoke oil blends, I only use vegan, ethically sourced, wild-grown or organic plant oils.”

​”My experience working in the beauty industry for over twenty years with some of the world’s largest skincare brands has given me an understanding of the importance of skin care and the value of using products and ingredients that are kind and good for your skin. Its where I discovered the science behind aromatherapy and its ability to help and provide holistic care for mind and body to complement your primary medical care and to support your wellbeing.”