The Deluxe Kit


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This kit is about creating an all-round bloody brilliant period experience. It would make a great gift for someone who has just started getting their period. If you want different colours for different pads or additional products added to this kit just pop the items in your basket and add a note at checkout.

It includes:

  • One each of our Light, Medium, Heavy, Super-dooper/Night-time and Thong pads
  • A pad drying hanging strap
  • A small, on-the-go organic cotton and kapok drawstring bag
  • A large organic cotton and kapok drawstring bag
  • A mesh, breathable, used-pad-waiting-for-laundry-load cotton drawstring bag
  • An all-natural, chemical-free, vegan stain-remover bar by the wonderful Living Naturally. 
  • A jar of raw cacao, raspberry and nettle extract, iron-rich, fatigue-combatting, soothing drinking chocolate by the fabulous Forage Botanicals.
  • And a little 10ml soothing aromatherapy rollerball by AIRA Therapy of Clary Sage, Lavender, Geranium and Rose.

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